Smoak Designs believes in the “environmental caretaker” approach to the design process. We believe that the adaptive re-use of facilities to give them a second life in service is not only sensitive, but also sensible. Remediation and re-use is a common-sense approach to preserving historically significant architecture and the environment. Because we very frequently recommend renovation over new construction, renovations constitute approximately 90% of our project workload. Years of developing solid, sensible solutions to the problems of limited space, resources, or capital have given us the ability to provide excellence in planning and programming of “new” old facilities. 

This design philosophy has been integrated into many of our projects for our corporate clients who, even before the development of LEED Certifications, often implemented the “environmental caretaker” solution. The renovation to Indus International corporate headquarters is an example of the use of LEED requirements. Smoak Designs employed such measures as the increased use of natural light, the reuse of furniture inventory, doors, mechanical and electrical systems, and the recycling of wall covering and carpets.

In support of this mission, the firm has 3 LEED Certified professionals on staff.