FEMA Hurricane Inspections

In November of 2004, Smoak Designs was contracted to provide RSDE Damage Inspection services for FEMA in hurricane-ravaged areas of the east coast of Florida. The contract called for program management for field inspections of damaged residences in Brevard, Indian River, and Martin counties.

Smoak Designs assembled a team of twenty-three qualified inspectors, all with extensive code knowledge and contracting experience, under the direct oversight and training of an in-house architect, and with the administrative and clerical support of approximately 20 personnel. All security clearances and badging of individuals was completed, with inspectors on the ground for initial training in Indian River within 24-hours of final Notice To Proceed.

Though the project initially called for inspection of approximately 200 homes, the extensive damage and FEMA’s confidence in Smoak Designs as project manager ultimately resulted in inspections for more than 18,000 residences. Even with such vast expansion of scope, Smoak Designs was able to successfully complete the inspections and the transmission of permanent records and electronic data to FEMA in less than 120 days.