Though Smoak Designs has completed thousands of extremely difficult, multi-phased projects, none has been as challenging or rewarding as the one recently completed in the broadband-telecommunications sector. The purpose of the project was to interface and co-locate more than 60 privately-held companies into existing facilities owned by the once leading telecommunications provider in the southeastern states.

Designing and implementing facilities that have infrastructure for the creation of broadband and telephony is likely the most intricate and complex construction in current markets --- even surpassing that of hospitals and laboratories. Smoak Designs was chosen from a field of more than 50 architects to provide a single-source solution to handle more than 1,800 phases of a single, $80 million project, with more than 230 locations throughout the southeast. This single project consisted of functional and business analysis as it relates to infrastructure, continuing through traditional architectural design and project construction, and concluding with final reports to state and federal agencies.