Bootle Federal Building

This historically significant structure, built in 1905 and listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, was experiencing roof leaks and seepage around the perimeter of the building where internal folded plate copper gutters were damaged. Smoak Designs provided a roof design with liquid membrane flashings at roof penetrations, replaced the roof support framing, and applied new underlayment under the tile roof areas. Liquid membrane roofs were specified to produce a durable, walkable surface in the perimeter gutters.

Smoak Designs presented a very innovative remedy to correct the leaks from the drain lines buried inside the masonry walls. We installed high-tech cured-in-place polyester/epoxy sock liners in existing roof drains, eliminating the need to tear into masonry walls to replace drainpipes. This allowed us to preserve the building’s historic integrity, provided substantial cost/labor savings to the building owner, and extended the service life of the drainage system.