712-4 Design/Layout

Smoak Designs is aware of the impact the design of a workspace has on productivity and overall satisfaction of those occupying that space. The designer, working with the client, will work to produce a space plan that facilitates the inherent working relationships within the client organization. The initial meeting covers project parameters including budget, scope, space requirements and limitations, design specifications, personnel density, schedule, and any special circumstances that need to be addressed.

The designer/architect performs a demographic study to determine individual space standards, personnel needs, equipment requirements, existing inventories, infrastructure needs, functional environment/work flow evaluation, specialized spaces, electrical/data requirements, cost estimates, and scheduling. A feasibility assessment may be provided to evaluate any limiting parameters such as budget, schedule, or space availability. With the Statement of Work defined and the feasibility determined, the designer/architect begins a comprehensive design, using AutoCAD format. The client is fully involved, and provides valuable feedback for the ultimate solution. Senior staff professionals review every design at designated intervals to insure that the scope of the work and the design standards are maintained.

The design is developed in accordance with existing corporate design standards. If no standards exist, Smoak Designs has the experience to help the client develop such standards, such as individual space allocations, function-specific furniture standards, and signage to copiers and other equipment for the office. Smoak Designs can also specify furniture and finishes for the space, including wallcovering, floor covering, blinds, and color schemes.

Smoak Designs has routinely embraced for itself and for its sub-consultants the concept of environmental caretaker in its design approach. In every design situation, special care is taken to use recovered materials and to reduce waste. A thorough assessment is made of existing materials and inventories, in order to determine their viability. The project is designed to make use of all salvageable materials and products, with an eye towards cost reduction and inventory management.

All designs take into account all applicable code and Life Safety requirements. Smoak Designs has performed a number of surveys, specifically to address ADA and Life Safety issues, at the request of our clients; and we enjoy a reputation with our clients for being very conscientious in this area. We have worked very closely with the office of the Fire Marshal to find the safest solution to unique fire safety concerns.

A final design solution is presented to the client for review and approval in printed and electronic formats. This solution includes not only the actual space planning, but also budget, implementation schedules, and acquisition plans for furniture. At the request of the client, Smoak Designs will coordinate obtaining the plan approval by the customer agency and its sub-components.

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