712-1 Project Management (Furniture and Furnishings Related)

Smoak Designs is experienced with the complexities of managing an interior renovation of any size. As a project manager, the primary function of the design professional is to collaborate with the client in order to develop a defined strategy, and systematically implement the strategy for the interior improvements and furniture management project as a whole. The project manager, in conjunction with the needs of the client, will identify parameters for the project, including schedule, budget, space limitations, special project requirements, and space forecasting and building analysis

The project manager will outline a schedule, based on the Statement of Work for the project, with key dates and times clearly specified. Project phasing is developed to minimize disruption and to provide continuous operation of facilities, as needed, within the schedule constraints. Coordination with all vendors, such as space planners, movers, voice and data installers, electricians, plumbers, and furniture installers will be provided. An acquisition and availability plan for needed furniture and equipment is reviewed for compatibility with budget and schedule limitations. A project budget is produced.

A review of the limiting parameters against the project implementation plan is performed to assure the feasibility and successful completion of the project. Any obstacles are identified, and the implementation plan is adjusted accordingly to prevent problems before they occur.

The project manager will insure compliance with applicable codes and regulations. They will see that any reviews needed by landlords, local code officials, etc. have occurred and that all approvals are in place well in advance of critical deadlines. Any warehousing needs will be identified and provided for. Schedules for elevator and loading docks are established to facilitate the move and installation.

As required, the project manager will prepare proposals for movers and evaluate the response generated. Additionally, coordination can be provided for services to brief personnel as to how the move will take place, and the impact such a move will have on individual functions. The project manager will insure that employees receive accurate information regarding packing and managing their personal items.

Serving as a central repository of information for the project, the project manager can quickly communicate any changes or modifications to the plan throughout the project. He will insure direct supervision for the actual move and installation of furniture, as well as any other equipment or material deliveries.

Close out of the project includes post-move problem resolution services. The project manager will verify that all change orders are complete, and will provide a plan of resolution for any outstanding issues.

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